Please enjoy some of my paintings that are already in their forever collections. Thank you to my collectors!!

“Finding Joy” 9x12 oil

“Solitude” 9x12 oil, Auctioned at the Quinlan GALA

“Jubilee” 16x20 oil

“Beach Babe” 8x10 oil

“Lone Seagull”, 5x7 oil

“Free to Run” 16x20 oil

“Cat’s Eye” 5x7 acrylic

“Cockspur Island Lighthouse” 8x10 oil

“Tabby” 8x10 oil

“Looking Over You” 5x7 oil

“Sunrise over Stormy Seas” 8x10 oil

“Little Wren” 5x7 oil

“Smooth Commute” 8x10 oil

“There and Back Again” 12x12 oil

“Ocean Sunset” 6x6 oil

“Summer Marsh” 8x10 oil

“Beach Memories” 5x7 oil

“Krista” 8x10 oil

“Country Road” 6x6 oil

“Fox Hunt” 12x12 oil

“Sunflower Sonnet” 14x18 oil

“Zeus” 8x10 oil

“Sun and Shadow” 5x7 oil

“Feeling Crabby” 5x7 oil

“Beach Read” 5x7 oil

“Dune Shadows” 5x7 oil

“Southern Memories” 10x10 oil

“Lavender Fields” 11x14 oil

“Cockatoo Helloooo” 5x7 oil

“Luca” 8x10 oil

“For Bryant” 24x36 acrylic

“Waiting for Spring” 5x7 oil, Auctioned at the Quinlan GALA

“Holiday at the Lake” 8x10 oil

Untitled 8x10 acrylic

“Monkey Island” 8x10 acrylic

“Sunflowers at the Market” 11x14 acrylic

“A Perfect Afternoon” 16x20 oil

“Always By Your Side” 8x10 acrylic

“Majestic Winter” 16x20 oil

“The Ogle Place” 11x14 acrylic

“Bessie” 5x7 acrylic

“The Ole Barn” 8x10 acrylic

“Inside in Grand Canyon” 11x14 oil

“Reflections in Red” 12x12 acrylic

“Ditto” 11x14 acrylic

“Sweet Sunflowers” 12x16 oil

“Peek A Moo” 8x10 oil

“Ripp” 8x10 acrylic

“Copper” 11x14 acrylic

“For Robin” 9x12 oil

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